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  • December 16, 2010

Queen's Park rises after successful session

Passed legislation outlined

As we end another session in the legislature, here is a summary of the work accomplished over the course of the fall:


Bill 65, Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010

Makes it easier for not-for-profit corporations to operate and do business in today’s marketplace while strengthening the economy and creating jobs.

Bill 68, Open for Business Act, 2010

Replaces the old environmental approval requirements and amends the Certificate of Approval process to allow greater flexibility and transparency.

Bill 72, Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act, 2010

Better enables Ontario to capitalize on the global market for clean water technology, creating jobs and driving water conservation.

Bill 99, Children’s Activity Tax Credit Act, 2010

Establishes the Children’s Activity Tax Credit, which helps parents with the cost of enrolling their children in activities that encourage them to be healthy and active.

Bill 101, Narcotics Safety and Awareness Act, 2010

Gives the province the authority to collect and track all narcotics and other controlled substances dispensed in Ontario. It also focuses on the education of patients and prescribers about the appropriate use of prescription narcotics.

Bill 109, Enhancement of the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit for Seniors and Ontario Families Act, 2010

Boosts tax relief for Ontario seniors to help with energy costs and property taxes.

Bill 120, Securing Pension Benefits Now and for the Future Act, 2010

Further strengthens Ontarians' pensions, addressing concerns of workers, retirees, and employers.

Bill 122, Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010

Establishes strict new rules that would prevent organizations funded with taxpayer dollars from using public funds to hire external lobbyists to ask for more funding.

Bill 135, Helping Ontario Families and Managing Responsibly Act, 2010

Introduced as part of the Fall Economic Statement, it includes legislation for the establishment of the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit to help consumers manage rising electricity prices for the next five years.

Bill 172, Ticket Speculation Amendment Act, 2010

Ensures that Ontario consumers have fair access to tickets for their favourite concerts, sporting events, and theatrical performances.

Bill 191, Far North Act, 2010

Creates a foundation for First Nations and Ontario to work together on land-use planning as part of our Open Ontario plan to support the Far North’s economy and environment.


Bill 110, Good Government Act, 2010

Would increase transparency, enhance accountability and modernize provincial laws, regulations and systems.

Bill 140, Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2010

Would reduce barriers to affordable housing, and would commit the province and municipalities to report on key performance indicators including how the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy is working for those with housing needs.

Bill 141, Health Protection and Promotion Amendment Act, 2010

Would give the Chief Medical Officer of Health new authority to direct boards of health and medical officers of health to adopt measures during a pandemic or other public health emergency, and would give the Minister authority to use publicly owned spaces, on the advice of the CMOH, for public health purposes, such as holding immunization clinics.


Bill 80, Katelyn Bedard Bone Marrow Awareness Month Act, 2010, Bruce Crozier

Bill 103, Italian Heritage Month Act, 2010 , Mario Sergio, Rosario Marchese, Peter Shurman

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