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  • October 29, 2009

Kathleen Wynne e-News, October 28, 2009

Early learning program announced

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, Premier McGuinty and I have announced that we will be going forward with full-day learning for all boards across the province. The program will start in September 2010. In the first year of the phased in plan, up to 35,000 four- and five-year-olds will get a stronger start as they receive a full day of learning. That means our youngest students will be getting on the right track for future success.

Here are some more details about the program that I’m happy to share with you:

  • Schools will offer full-day early learning programs for four- and five-year-olds during the regular school day (weekdays), during the regular school year. Some schools in the province will be offering the program for the 2010/2011 school year.

  • The early learning program will be expanded to more schools in the future, with a goal of full implementation by 2015-16.

  • Certified teachers and registered early childhood educators will work side-by-side to help young students learn and grow in each early learning classroom.

  • The class size standard will be an average of 26 students on a board-wide basis which provides for an average child:adult ratio of 13:1.

  • Four- and five-year olds who require before- and after- school care can be enrolled in a fee-based program. Subsidies will be available to some families based on need.Registered early childhood educators will help children learn and grow during the extended before- and after-school programs.

This is the beginning of a new and important era in education in Ontario. We need every Ontarian to be at his or her best, and beginning at an early age will give our kids a stronger start towards becoming successful citizens of the future. This is all the more important when we consider our aging population and how this new generation of students will be called upon to contribute to a strong Ontario.

We believe this program is one of the most important investments we can make for Ontario’s future. Here is link that will give you more information about the early learning program:

I look forward to talking more with all of you about our early learning program in the days and months to come.

All the best,

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