Paddle the Don

Hi Everyone, On this beautiful sunny day and for the sixth year in a row, Jane and I "Paddled the Don" from just north of Eglinton and Leslie down to the lake. It is an absolutely fabulous way to see the river and the high rise buildings of Thorncliffe Park and the downtown tower above the river bank. The roar of the Parkway, the subway trains crossing the viaduct and the streetcars rumbling overhead make a person feel small. Every year the river seems a little cleaner and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority deserves an enormous amount of credit for supporting the revitalization of the river. This year we saw a pair of swans just at the foot of the Don Valley nesting right up against a tall metal embankment. Jane caught a pictue of the mom fussing with the nest and settling in. Mother Nature in all her breathtaking resilience!

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