Government Announces Help for Newcomers

Programs helps newcomers turn international experience into Ontario qualifications

On May 12, our government announced a new investment of $27.4 million in 40 bridge training programs to help newcomers bridge their international credentials and experience into Ontario qualifications.  

Since 2003, Ontario has helped more than 20,000 internationally trained individuals get the training they need to find jobs in their field. Bridge training programs have proven successful in getting newcomers on the path to working in their field.  

To me, this is a win-win situation. Not only do newcomers get the help they need in finding decent employment in their chosen field of interest, but Ontario benefits from their increased income base. From engineering to health Care, from manufacturing to research and technology, as Ontario’s economy grows and diversifies, so too must we help those with the necessary skills make the needed connection.  

About 70 per cent of adult newcomers to Ontario have post-secondary education.  Newcomers have the global knowledge, skills and experience Ontario employers’ need. By 2011, because of declining birthrates, and an aging population, all of Ontario’s net labour force growth will come from immigration. That is why, in addition to making significant investments in helping newcomers, in 2007 we passed Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act.  

We are committed to building on the work we have done with continued support of Ontario’s newcomers. This recent investment demonstrates our commitment to a fair, open and transparent process for obtaining registration and licensing in regulated professions for internationally trained individuals. If you would like more information, please contact the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration at

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